The World Series of Poker can be exciting and profitable at the same time. But to avoid unprecedented losses, it’s important to have answers to questions related to WSOP before diving into it. On that note, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions. 


How To Play WSOP?, are some of the different sites you can play WSOP on. Facebook users can also play these games. The best part is that you can play them on your MAC or Windows PC or iOS or Android mobiles or tablets. 

What Games are Available in WSOP?

When you are playing online, here are the games you can choose from- Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Draw Games, Lowball Draw, Badugi, 5-Card Draw, and HORSE. Every game has some instructions you should follow while playing. Not to mention, the rules of each game should be clear before you start. 

Who can Play WSOP online?

Every website has different rules for playing WSOP online But if you are paying using the official website for real money, the primary requirements are to be of legal gambling age and to reside in Nevada. 

The age requirement for participating in the Seniors Event is 50 years on the event day. For Super Seniors Event, you to be a minimum of 60 years of age on the event day.

Do players use a mouse or a keyboard to play?

Players can use whether a mouse or a keyboard to play these games. Here are the keyboard controls for reference. 

  • Fold=F5
  • Bet/Raise=F7
  • Call/Check=F6
  • Modify Bet Slider= Up/Down Arrow

Are There Any Wagering Limits? If Yes, What Are They?

There is a certain amount a player can bet in each round for fixed limit games. But if you are playing a pot-limit game, any amount is okay until and unless it doesn’t exceed the pot’s total amount. 

How Do Players Get Free Chips?

The game offers different bonuses the players can use to get some free chips. You can also use tools for free WSOP chip generation.

What is the Location of the WSOP office?

The location of the WSOP office is across from the Amazon Room. It is adjacent to the Main Cage of WSOP located in the WSOP tournament area where the Tropical Room is.

Will the payers be paid in cash if they win a Single Table Satellite?

Players will get WSOP Tournament Buy-In Chips in the form of $500 increments. Players will get cash for winnings inside this range of increments.

Do players have to pre-register for participating in Live-Action games?

No, pre-registration is not a mandatory requirement to participate in live-action games. You have to connect with a live-action supervisor to be a part of it. 

Playing WSOP games is an exciting deal. But it’s important that you clearly understand the rules before participating in any game. Players must realize that money is at stake here. If they play recklessly, the experience can negatively impact someone’s bank balance. 

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